Ruby's Choice

I’m back to chat some more about Ruby’s Home Store and how the website evolved as it did. There are five collections that may look like a clutter of things that don’t really gel together. My last few weeks has been spent focusing heavily on making then work more cohesively.

Coastal Living. This collection brings the coastal or nautical feel to your beach house or inner-city home alike. Bunting, Beach Huts, Boats and the striped fabric of deck chairs are reminiscent of my childhood holidays in English seaside towns. The love of the water, its tranquillity, the year round wearing of flip flops, big blue skies and sunshine are the reason I made this beautiful country my new home.

Best of British. Great Britain is known for the Beatles, fish and chips, black cabs and blacker clouds but also has a long history of homewares design, quality and craftsmanship. This collection showcases my proud ‘British-ness’ and classic style influences from home.

Kids Space. Whether you are styling the nursery, a toddler’s room, princess’ palace, boys den or the kids are needing a more grown up space you will find inspiration here for a comfortable, fun and interesting place for them to sleep, play or study.


Colour Wheel. This collection is currently based around blue being the Pantone Colour of the Year. We spoke a bit about colour in my first blog and will certainly will revisit it again. The collection has new products to take us into winter. Still based on blue however dark navy is the base, with natural tones and fibres. Featuring petrol blue, greys, greens and chartreuse which is a greeny yellow as an accent. It is apparently very '2020' to have cushions in different sizes, fabrics and textures, which is great as I love bobbles, tassels and fringes. 



Ruby’s Choice is our signature collection of unique and unusual statement pieces to add sophistication, wow factor or maybe a bit of fun to the home. I aim to source items that you would not find just anywhere. It is so exciting to stumble across something a bit different. The products will be of great quality and maybe that bit more expensive. There is a story behind many of them that could start a conversation.

Have you met Mr Wattson?

I was extremely excited, surprised and flattered to receive an email from Lisa the CEO of Enjoy Living saying how much she loved my story and was happy for me to stock Mr Wattson despite being very fussy about their online suppliers. She even subscribed to our newsletter. Thanks Lisa!

Mr Wattson is a Danish inspired handmade table lamp collection taking inspiration from the iconic Vespa Scooter. He is made from beautiful Ashwood, the quality and craftsmanship in this range remains as important as the design itself. The broad range of colours allows for full creative expression, the Mr Wattson way. We currently have the last 2 of the popular new colours Tiffany Green and Dream Red in Ruby’s Home Store.

It’s the movement and flexibility of Mr Wattson that has given birth to his stellar personality.  Mr. Wattson beautifully marries contemporary décor styling with a touch of wit as he adds style, warmth, comfort and soul to a home, lifting the spirit of the families whose homes he brightens.

I came across a stand at the recent Reed Gift Fair in Darling Harbour that immediately drew my attention. It stood out as very different to others and I met Sacha who was passionate about the products. I fell head over heels in love with a Whale named Moby. He is cast in aluminium, has an aged bronze finish and a cheeky expression on his face. So much so that he is on my shelf at home and I am not parting with him! There is more stock on the way. He also sits perfectly in the Coastal Collection.

Moby belongs to a brand called KLEO a family business in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their products are made using sustainable processes and low maintenance materials. All the furniture is created from recycled boat material.

KLEO is known among fisher folks along the northern coast of Java because of their concern about boat wrecks that litter the coastline and go to waste. Through years of engagement with locals they have learnt to put a value on the wood. The benefit to the communities and the environment is in no doubt.

The boats have served the coastal communities for up to 50 years. When looking at the messy, smelly piles of wood from dismantled wrecks, it’s hard to imagine that KLEO designs could emerge. The wood is worn and dirty and smeared in thick layers of old paint.

I would urge you to watch this video to see how the wood is given new life and paint layers turn into colourful marbled patterns and mosaics.

Video KLEO Boat Wood 

It’s the patterns, dents, scars and lines that tell the story of the products journey from oceans to homes, which makes every individual KLEO piece unique.

I hope you agree that these are two very special products. Have a browse through them in your own time and we will talk again soon.

Jane x