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How visiting the Australia Post near me nabbed me a ‘Hero’ title!

Is that my face on a stamp? Well, kinda. You see, I’ve been on the receiving end of quite the prize from my pals over at Australia Post, and I couldn’t be more proud of the recognition. It all started when I dropped a batch of outgoing parcels in to the Australia Post near me in Woy Woy. I’m there fairly regularly, sending out all the packages for both the Ruby’s Home Store orders and my Hometastic Box subscription customers. Who knew that what would unfold from there would lead to me being amongst 100 incredible Australian business owners to win $5000 of incredible prizes each, and little old me claiming the title of 2023 Australia Post Local Business Hero

 A part of the community

A huge guiding principle of the work that I do as a small business owner is to support other small business owners wherever possible. I use local products in my parcels regularly to spread the word about all the amazing businesses nearby. I know that the Australia Post store in Woy Woy is vital to many of these businesses, including mine, so when the cashier suggested I enter this year’s round of the Local Business Hero program, I was chuffed to have stood out. I didn’t honestly know how I would go, but it’s a true honour to have even been thought of, let alone come out on top on a national scale.

What did I have to do to enter?

The entry process was surprisingly straightforward, albeit comprehensive. Once I had the nudge from the staff at the Australia Post store near me, I headed over to the website for a bit of a nosey. I procrastinated for a little - the questions required a little bit of introspection - but then, the answers all came together and it was time to submit my responses! I hovered over the submit button, clicked and sent out a little prayer to the universe that I’d done enough to convince the judges I’d passed muster.

What did I win?

You might be wondering what the Hero Package included, and the answer is… so much goodness! I got to choose from an extensive list of goodies that would help propel my business forward, and solidify Ruby’s Home Stores’ future growth. Here’s a snippet of what I was fortunate enough to receive:

  • A Post Office Promotional Kit displayed on the Central Coast, NSW
    • 1 x coloured A1 Poster
    • 1 x coloured A3 Bench Mat; and
    • 50 x coloured A6 Postcards
  • The opportunity to promote my business in the local area
    • 3,500 A6 Postcards printed and delivered to up to 3,500 Delivery points in the local area
  • Business Coaching with Small Business Australia
    • SBA Business Advantage membership for 12-months; and
    • 3 x 60 minute 1:1 Business Coaching sessions.
  • Australia Post Packaging
  • A home office package
    • Asus E510 notebook laptop;
    • HP OfficeJet 8010e Wireless All-In-One Printer and Ink; and
    • Tyro Go Reader


Seeing it all laid out in black and white like that is a little overwhelming. I can honestly say that the impact these gifts have had on my business is already tremendous, and I’m only a month or so in to enjoying them. I’m spectacularly grateful for such a clear sign that I’m heading in the right direction, and making a difference both to much community and to my customers. And if you’re a fellow small business owner wondering if you should enter next year? I’d highly encourage you to try your hand and see what happens. After all, the ‘in it to win it’ adage didn’t come from nowhere…

Best of luck!!

Lots of love!!

Jane x

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