The Ultimate Care Package for Brits in Aus:

The Ruby's Home Store and Homebird Australia Collab You’ve Been Waiting For!

What’s this, then? A blog from TWO of your favourite Brits in Aus? Well, that must mean something special is a-brewing! (aside from a spectacular cuppa, of course.) You might have noticed a sneaky collab going on over on our socials channels, Ruby’s Home Store and Homebird Australia. And what could be more appropriate than a fabulous blog to accompany all of that frenzied excitement over there… We wanted to offer up another little slice of home for those who are missing it, Brit-curious Aussies, or a nudge for friends and family still living abroad to *SEND SUPPLIES NOW*! We’ve been canvassing lately on what you lot are pining for the most, and it’s a surprisingly long list! 

Here’s a sample - would these be on your list?!


Green Fields

Woodland Walks






Autumnal Colours


Proper Roast Beef Dinners

Christmas Lights Chocolate

Little Cottages With Thatched Roofs

Chips peas and curry

Gregg’s cheese and onion pasties



Country pubs


Summer daylight hours


We know that particular pull for home oh-so well, so we thought we’d pull together a wish list of our favourite items to give all you Brits in Aus a warm hug of a reminder of the motherland…

Laundry Scent Booster Beads | $12.99-$15.99


As a Brit living in Aus, one of the biggest memory triggers has to be the smells of home! Who can forget the comforting scent of our roasty toasty laundry coming out of the dryer and smelling like a meadow?! Well, thank goodness for Lenor and these Scent Booster beads - your clean clothes will smell like home long after they’ve been folded and popped away.

Union Jack Cushion | $99.95


Ahh the Union Jack, such a bold symbol of all things UK… This cushion is an absolute best seller over at Ruby’s Home Store. Why? Maybe it’s the pop of colour, or the sturdiness of the ribbon and cotton canvas textures (delightful to run your hand over!). All we know is that Brits in Aus lurrrrve Union Jacks and cushions, so a combo of the two is irresistible!

Bold Laundry Pods | $14.99-$74.99


British ingenuity is another of our favourite UK things. What a tidy revelation these fabulous little laundry pods are! No more faffing about with messy liquids, just pop one in the tub, and off you go! While some of the locals may be catching on, Brits in Aus have been using these wonders for donkey’s years!

Union Jack Fabric Bunting | $39.95


Did you know it doesn’t have to be a particular occasion to sport your best bunting?! As Brits in Aus, you can display your national pride all year round, AND keep your reputation for your taste in homewares! Bunting is a classic go-to for giving your living areas a gentle ‘spruce’ - bonus style points for vintage flair…

Viakal Cleaning Products | $9.99-$99.99


Hard water and limescale isn’t an exclusively British problem. We’ve both been using Viakal for as long as either of us can remember. This gentle, effective cleaning solution is a staple for so many Brits living here in Aus. Use it on the bathroom sink and taps, shower heads - anywhere you get water marks and limescale! It really is brilliant stuff. *chef’s kiss*

Nice Cup of Tea Bunting’ Mug | $39.95


And finally - the ultimate British combo - Union Jacks, bunting and a spot of tea! And while the more eagle-eyed followers of Jane’s might already know she’s more of a hot chocolate kind of lass, we know there are thousands of you Brits in Aus out there who can’t start their day until a cuppa has passed their lips. 


So there you have it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expat, an Anglophile or even a loving relative compiling a care package to surprise someone you’re missing abroad, we get it. There’s nothing quite like British quality, ingenuity and character. Both Homebird Australia and Ruby’s Home Store are proud to supply bits and bobs that tick all those boxes for so many! If you’re new to our brands, welcome. You’re in for a treat! If you’ve been around for a while, thanks so much for your continued support (and don’t forget to curate a wish list of your very own!) 

Lots of love

Jane and Gillian x

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