Choosing Colours For Your Home

I want to talk about colour and choosing the right colours for furniture and accessories in your home so they 'go' together. I started researching the correct way to do it on Google and in books and then started thinking that was ridiculous. If you wanted to learn that way you could ask Google yourself!

I have successfully chosen colours for most of my life and have been a little fussy or 'OCD' to be honest. When I get it wrong I instantly know and change things around. I have been told I have a good 'eye'. So how to help you? 

I bought a colour wheel in preparation for this blog from eBay. It was actually intended for Tattoo Artists.

It has pretty clear instructions on how to choose Monochromatic, Analogous and Complementary Schemes. (Google will explain those too)

You could go to Bunning's and pick up all the gorgeous coloured pieces of card in tones of colour to play around with at home. I am always tempted to make some kind of collage from them. The paint manufacturers have great brochures with colour scheme ideas too. Alternately pick up a few glossy magazines or create boards on Pinterest. 

I think the easiest way though is to choose some fabric you LOVE. Whether it is a duvet, (translation to Ozzie = Doona) quilt, cushion or even a wallpaper sample and study the colours in it.

Below is a beautiful Kantha handstitched quilt we will have in our shop soon but in the mean time I stole one, if you can steal from yourself, to style my step-daughters room for the photos and open house as we are selling our house.

What colours can you see? Well obviously white and green, but how many different tones of green and even yellowy greens. There is also several shades of pink. So there is numerous harmonious and complementary colours that you could mix into the scheme. The fabric designer has therefore done the work for you.

I then had to search through our stock to find bits and pieces to mix with it. I hope you like the result. My OCD tells me that the light green cushion is not quite the right tone but........... time got the better of me. 

My vision for Ruby's Home Store is to put together lots of schemes like this using our products and maybe even the odd thing from IKEA or Kmart and share them with you in my blog or on Facebook and Instagram so that you can see colour combinations that work and those that are on trend. 

You will also see below that there is a space for email comments so why not send me your questions or photos and I will aim to help you. 

I would absolutely LOVE it if you then post your completed schemes on Instagram and hastag #  #rubyshomestore 

Looking forward to seeing them or hearing from you.

Jane x


  • Eli de Leon

    Hi Jane, great advice. Im so terrible at these things and rely on others to always help me. Looking forward to more of your advice.

  • Colette

    Love this colour scheme Jane. I certainly will be following your page for ideas.

  • Lou

    Great advice Jane and interesting read.

  • Therese Bodie

    I love those colours Jane. I would have never thought to put green & pink together.

  • Laura George

    Thank you Jane! I really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to more posts to help me to be more creative with how I furnish my home. I am pretty useless so I need all the help I can get!
    Something I struggle with is filling blank spaces on walls, especially the one above my TV – I have wanted to put something there for ages so if you have any suggestions then I am all ears!

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