Christmas in Australia

The problem with Christmas in Australia

Jane Fonti, owner of  Ruby's Home Store sitting beside her Christmas tree holding a Cornishware mug

I know I’ve taken a very strong position here, right from the get-go, and let me be clear… I am a lover of Christmas. I am also a massive lover of Australia. But I think we’re all aware of some very specific differences about Christmas in Australia that, frankly, mean Christmas makes a bit less sense here. I mean, we are right in topsy-turvy territory, where everything that makes sense about Christmas in the UK is shoehorned in to fit the sweltering heat and long days. We persevere with a roast dinner in 35° heat. We persist with imagery of icicles and snowmen. We even maintain the singing of Christmas carols that bear absolutely no relation to our lived experience. In spite of all of this absolute madness, this is my favourite time of year…

What I love about Christmas in Australia

So while I have the usual misgivings and protestations that any northern hemisphere types would espouse, there’s so much to love about how the antipodes does the festive season. I love that people go bonkers and queue up for hours for their ‘Christmas prawns’ (who could blame you, deliciousness lives here). I love that while the post-feast coma is still a thing, a game of beach (or backyard) cricket is just as likely. I even love that occasionally Santa will simply adapt to the climate and pitch up in a custom ‘shorts and thongs’ combo.

Christmas in Australia is simply a unique experience that takes the best bits of what I know from home and pops a signature spin on the whole affair. 

(And yes, while I may grumble about how it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, the reality is that my reservations are short-lived in the face of spending time with friends and family and enjoying a fabulous feast!)

What I miss about Christmas in the UK

While Christmas in Australia has its perks, very little compares to a British Christmas. The frosty conditions, the short, dark days, the way the lights twinkle and shine through the darkness. Hot chocolate, mulled wine, pigs in blankets and roast turkey with cranberry sauce. Getting rugged up to go outside only to strip off ten of those layers when we get to our destination. Every cheesy Christmas special we’ve all seen a million times. Enjoying the Queen’s speech (I guess, now the King’s - still getting used to that one!). Playing charades with the family, heading to the Panto, exploring the Christmas Markets with excited children. These are a few of my favourite things, and you’ll never convince me this isn’t a certain type of perfection.

What I’ll be doing for Christmas in Australia this year…

This year, I’ll be continuing the traditions that have evolved over my time here in Australia. And while I may have swapped my Christmas pudding for pavlova on occasion, there are certain things that remain constant throughout. Christmas in Australia boils down to the same core experience as Christmas in the UK - family, togetherness and reflection on the year that was. We’ll gather, we’ll laugh, we’ll play and we’ll rest, and spend a hazy week trying to figure out what day it is while troughing on leftovers, before ringing in the promise of the new year.

Wherever you are, whatever your traditions may be, may this Christmas bring you peace, joy and a whole lot of love. 

Lots of love

Jane x

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