Do You Make Your Bed Each Day?

Your bed is not just the place you sleep but your sanctuary and a place that is truly yours. It should be a luxurious and relaxing place to be but also an opportunity to inject your personality.

Do you make your bed every day?

It was something I neglected when I was working early mornings but is a great habit to get into. It seems a tiny thing, but it can make a big difference. When we can do one thing it makes us more motivated to do another and from there on our day just gets better. Apparently, there is a link between living and working in an organized space to improved mental health and that certainly makes sense to me.

Besides that, who wants to face crumpled sheets, twisted and untucked bedding at the end of the day? Once the bed is made all you need to do is to slip between the sheets and get a great night’s rest.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, making your bed can help improve your sleep by reducing the amount of tossing, turning, and restlessness experienced. Who doesn’t agree that a good night’s sleep makes us feel better in every way?

So how should you make your bed?

A good mattress must be an important foundation followed by your choice of mattress topper and protector. I vacuum my bed regularly which was a bit of a shock the first time! Try it and you will see what I mean.

Sheets are next. As a nurse fitted sheets are the best thing ever following 30 plus years of making hospital corners. In summer we use flat sheets too to keep the quilt fresh. Choose natural fibres such as linen, cotton, or bamboo.

I love linen for its slightly rumpled casual but luxurious look. The softness only increases with every wash. Linen is cool and absorbent in the hot summer months and then insulates in winter. It is extremely durable it lasting ages and becomes more beautiful over time. Despite being more expensive is worth the investment.

The doona comes next. This is the Aussie name for the big warm puffy white thing. I refer to it as the duvet being from the UK and when they first appeared I believe they were called continental quilts? Following many disagreements with my Aussie hubby we settled for calling it the doova!

Always upsize your doona. Buy 1 size larger, so for a queen bed buy a king size quilt. The quilt then drapes nicely over the sides of the bed. It can also be beneficial if you are a duvet hog!

Add a throw or blanket on top for warmth but also colour and texture. It will break up the large expanse of the doona. A thick knitted blanket or velvet throw is perfect for the winter alternatively a fine crochet or linen throw is gorgeous for warmer months.

Now for pillows, which is where you can have some fun. Use 2 or 4 for a double or queen bed. Maybe add a couple more to a king bed. Try mixing or matching the fabrics. It can be expensive to change the doona covers often however adding some new colourful patterned pillowcases is a great way to change the look of your bed. Stand the pillows up or stack them on top of one another. European pillows can add some height at the back and make it cosier if you like to watch TV or eat breakfast in bed.

Finally, a few cushions can be popped in front. My advice is not to use too many because you won’t find time to position them all every day. If your partner beats you to bed, they probably will throw them all over the floor! Three, two or just one statement cushion will look so pretty in front of patterned pillowcases.

For more help choosing cushions read my blog - Why I LOVE cushions ……… AND my husband hates them! 

Maybe you are put off making the bed because you really don’t love the look or feel of your bed or bedroom. Perhaps it’s time to do something about that?

I’m always available to assist in any way I can. Please ask for help or advice by phone email or message.

Thanks for reading and sleep tight.

Lots of love Jane x

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