Gifts to Australia from UK

Why send gifts to Australia from the UK when the best ones are all right here already!

If you’re a Brit living in Australia and you’re sick of being told about the exorbitant cost of international postage around Christmas and your birthday, this is definitely the blog for you. I know first-hand the grating nature of well-meaning, albeit disgruntled loved ones trying to send gifts to Australia from the UK. And while your instinct is likely to be to roll your eyes and store that conversation in the ‘to complain about with your significant other’ bank for late, I have a better solution. If your friends and family are wanting to keep the quality of your gifts high, maintain the nostalgic aesthetic but worry less about the sky-high costs of sending things from there to here, share this blog with them. I have so many British goodies to share… 


(**Author’s caveat!** Absolutely everyone can enjoy these products - if you’re already a Brit in Aus buying for other expats or Aussies, or simply an anglophile yourself, keep reading too! There’s something for everyone here!)

Jane with gift wrapped in red spotty paper

 Introducing: The Gifts for Brits Collection!

If your friends and family have grown tired of having to send gifts to Australia from the UK for every occasion, perhaps it’s time to redirect them to my very special Gifts for Brits collection. From Cornishware mugs to classic Emma Bridgewater tins, this collection has a little taste of ‘home’ for your home, no matter where you might lay your head. I have some particular favourite pieces that I thought I might share with you - ones that I know so many Brits in Australia have already had so much joy from. 


Here are a few to whet your appetite…

Union Jack Cushions

Jane holding Union Jack cushion, the perfect gift for British in Australia

These spectacular cushions have been selling like hotcakes of late! It’s easy to see why, of course. I mean for starters, what could be more British than the glorious Union Jack?! Perfect for the days when you’re feeling a little homesick, or just wanting to add a little British flair to brighten up your room, these cushions will do the trick every time! Made from a combination of cotton canvas and cotton ribbon, they’re hard-wearing enough to last, but vibrant enough to make a bold statement! Your friends won’t ever have to wonder about how to send gifts to Australia from the UK again with this beauty!

(And just in case you need somewhere to dump your used teabags, I have this beauty, too!)

Price: $99.95 (or roughly £50)

Brew with a view

Nice cup of tea mug with Union Jack bunting makes a great gift to buy Brits in Australia

Never let it be said that we Brits require anything less than the best for relaxing with spot of tea. These mugs add a touch of whimsy to any household (or even the occasional office desk!), and hold enough tea to solve all the world’s troubles by the last drop*. No matter whether you put the milk in first, or the tea, you’re sure to enjoy every drop in these fabulous keepsakes. 

Price: $39.95 (or roughly £20)

(*definitely not exaggerating!)

Emma Bridgewater Biscuit Tins

Emma Bridgewater Lovebirds tins for gifts to Australia from UK

I have found proper biscuit tins to be in particularly short supply here in Aus. These Emma Bridgewater classics are such a gorgeous addition to any space, and oh-so practical. I like them so much, I even wrote a little blog about them a few months back… Why not pick out your favourite design and give your nearest and dearest who are still lost on how to send gifts to Australia from the UK a hefty nudge in the right direction?

Price: Starting at $19.95 (or roughly £10)

So there you have it. A little bit of a helping hand from your expat pal Jane. Next time your ‘relos’ (love that Aussie-ism) are preparing to send gifts to Australia from the UK, why not send them here instead!


Lots of love!!

Jane x


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