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Embracing Whimsy and Joy with Jones and Co Ceramics

Friends! Sitting down to write these blogs is always a delight, but today I’m experiencing an extra tingle. Either you’ll know the brand I’m about to talk about very well, or I’ll have the pleasure of introducing you (and you’ll never look back!). Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing my love of ceramics crafters, Jones and Co. Purveyors of whimsy, colour and glorious patterns, Jones and Co have a particular knack for being able to make you smile with a mere glance. Their mission to help us “live a little” is a mission close to my own heart. I wanted to share my favourite pieces of hand crafted ceramic excellence with you today and spread a little Jones and Co Joy…

Jones & Co Chino Collection


The Chino mug is what started my love affair with Jones and Co! If you know me at all, you’ll know I absolutely adore polka dots. The Chino range caught my eye not only for the spots, but the generous sizes of its mugs, bowls, serving trays and so on - I love a bit of matchy matchy, and this line fits the brief! It seems my customers love it too - here’s what Kristy had to say:

“I absolutely love these cups, I grabbed 2 because we all know in life little accidents happen. Call me weird but they just feel a little bit special and make me smile, not to mention the satisfaction they give when drinking my tea and I can fit 300ml in these beauties.”

Jones and Co Ditsy Collection

If you favour florals over spots, the Ditsy collection may be more your pace. This is a brand new collection, but it has been selling super well! While the colour palette may feature more pastels than the bold primary colours of the Chino collection, the quality and practicality are as high as ever. What I love most about Jones and Co designs is that they almost feel alive in my home - the patterns are absolutely bursting with energy! And even more satisfying when you know each piece has been crafted and painted by hand…

 Jones and Co Vases

 I can’t tell you how much joy these little facet vases bring me. I don’t know whether it’s the polka dots (again), or if it’s the knowledge that no two vases will be exactly the same. Either way, these are another thrilling addition to my home that I’m chuffed to bits by. Jones and Co have gone out of their way to create such cohesive pieces that still somehow retain their individuality - it really is a delicate balance they’ve managed to strike, and I’m so glad they have.

So there you have it, design lovers! Some of my favourite bits and bobs from Jones and Co for you to preoccupy yourselves with on this cold, dreary day. Maybe you sat down to read this month’s instalment with a cuppa in hand. Maybe next month you’ll be nursing your very own Jones and Co creation as you settle in to catch up with all the Ruby’s Home Store happenings! All I know is, polka dots and beautiful things make me exceedingly happy, and these ceramic pieces are prime examples of both…

Lots of love

Jane x

Enjoying your own Jones and Co pieces? Why not send me your best pics? Either send me an email at or drop me a DM via Instagram or Facebook

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