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Kip & Co: Bright homewares for lovers of fun!

If there’s anything I know, a nicely placed pop of colour can transform any room into a joyful oasis that recharges your batteries. My favourite brand to achieve the ‘joy vibe’ - and thank goodness I stock them - is Kip & Co. While I primarily focus on high quality British wares, this Aussie brand holds a special place in my heart thanks to its bold prints and striking colours. On top of that, their mission to ‘do good’ when it comes to social and environmental responsibility makes them a #1 pick for purchases for myself, as well as gifts for others. If you haven’t come across Kip & Co before, let me take you through some of my favourite items that just so happen to be in the store…

Kip & Co Epic Find #1: The Party Speckle Vase

Kip & Co Party Speckle Glass Vase

What’s not to love about this effervescent vase?! Hand-blown and distinctly unique, the Party Speckle Vase is just right for any floral arrangement, in any setting. Measuring 18.5cm wide x 25 cm tall and packed in a branded cardboard box for easy gifting, It’s pretty clear to see all the hard work of choosing the perfect gift for a friend or loved one has already been done for you. One customer recently told me, “This vase is beautiful. Both decorative and useful, this is a stunning addition to my living room. Can’t wait to fill it with fresh flowers.”

Price: $89 (or roughly £45)

Kip & Co Epic Find #2: Barrier Reef Picnic Mat

Picnic Mat from Kip & Co collab with Ken Done

Nothing says ‘quintessential Australian art’ more than a Ken Done classic! This glorious Kip & Co x Ken Done collab has resulted in the most cheerful picnic rug in all the land! Form and function collide to ensure you’ll always be able to find and enjoy your picnic spot on this spacious (180 x 180 cm) creation. Best of all, the clever clogs(es) at Kip & Co figured out how to make it fold up like a bag, so it’s easy peasy to set up and pack up and carry around the place.

Price: $139 (or roughly £70)

Kip & Co Epic Find #3: Field of Dreams in Colour Linen Tablecloth (Round)

Kip & Co Field of Dreams in Colour Linen Round Tablecloth

Well then, did somebody order sunshine for lunch? I don’t blame you! While Kip & Co has a tablecloth for every taste and occasion, this linen number particularly caught my eye. Picture your guests as they first catch sight of your beautifully-set table, complete with this floral rainbow that just radiates a certain joie de vivre! Made of 100% French flax linen, and 220cm in diameter, this is such a high-quality piece that’s sure to be a talking point every time you bring it out!  

Price: $189 (or roughly £100)

** Oh, and did I happen to mention the round tablecloth’s edgier cousin, rectangle Field of Dreams in Colour Linen Tablecloth? Every bit as fun as the round version, just a bit more rectangle-y!**

So there you have it. Just a tiny taste of all the fabulousness that is the Kip & Co range. If you haven’t had a chance yet, head to the store and check out the lot! And while you’re at it, why don’t you head over to the socials and let me know which is your favourite piece?! I can’t wait to compare notes…

Lots of love!!

Jane x


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