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At Ruby’s Home Store I pride myself in sourcing quality products, including classic homewares and those that are a bit different or unique. As I stocked more products from Raine & Humble I fell in love with them. They are very well made and have those little extra details that I love, such as tassels and piping.
After communicating with Kerry Bower, the design director of Raine & Humble, a few times I asked for her story of this brand to allow me to share with you.
Kerry trained as a speech pathologist with the wish to help children who had learning difficulties because she had suffered with them too. Being creative had always just been a fun hobby for her and she expresses feelings of being a ‘fraud’ because she has no formal design training. A belief I can empathise with as I sometimes have it too.
She recalls happy memories of wonderful long weekends with her Nana with whom she had a special relationship with, being taught handicrafts. Nana set up workshops in the garden where Kerry learnt numerous skills such as cross stitch, knitting and more unusually copper beating.
Just like many people of that generation Nana hated to be wasteful. She cared very much about other people and the environment around her. Together she and Kerry recycled such things as light bulbs by painting them for christmas decorations, turned old coke bottles into terrariums and collected wool from neighbours to knit slippers for the elderly. This in turn taught Kerry valuable lessons that she has later carried into the business.
While studying, Kerry helped her husband Peter set up his company. This took her life in a quite different direction. Having worked in the homewares industry as a sales agent for many years, Peter wanted to start importing products. The couple started travelling together and Kerry helped him to design some products that sold very well.
Kerry and Peter started to collaborate with their friend Vinji who had lived in Melbourne but returned to India with his young family. This team brought together their skills and knowledge to establish Raine & Humble.
Kerry says creating her designs, working with talented craftspeople, sampling and co- ordinating ranges is her passion. She loves working with fabric so when Vinji developed recycled fabric using waste from the fashion industry. Kerry was thrilled to have the opportunity to design products using it. This fabric looks and feels great and has the hardwearing quality required for everyday use of homewares.
The Raine & Humble team sort other ways in which to reduce their footprint, recycle and reuse. Having observed the amount of waste plastic in the industry their products are now presented in paper packaging.
As we all try to source more sustainably and ethically produced products, you will love these fabulous products by Raine & Humble. The collection includes homewares including cushions and throws, kitchenware, and napery.
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