What is a Subscription Box?

Recently I launched a new home decor subscription box in Australia called The Hometastic Box. Once I started to tell people about it I discovered many people didn't know what a subscription box was. I hope this blog will help you to understand more about his popular way of receiving products to your door and that you can enjoy sourcing subscription boxes that fit your interests. As well as The Hometastic Box too of course!

A subscription box is a group of physical products packaged in a box and delivered to customers on a regular, recurring schedule. Generally, the longer your commitment to a subscription the bigger savings there are.

You will be familiar with subscriptions for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and to more tangible items like monthly magazines and food from the likes of Lite n Easy and Hello Fresh.

This trend started in United States in 2010 with the launch of BirchBox, a monthly service that sends its subscribers a box of four or five samples of makeup and other beauty related products.

In the US there are up to 600 different kinds of subscription boxes including BarkBox, a subscription service serving over 2 million dogs monthly, with dog products, services, and experiences. More than 2/3rds of US consumers subscribe to one or more subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes that contain niche products are now becoming more popular in Australia. Shoppers can find boxes with everything from beauty products to home goods, coffee, books, wine and self-care.

Why Subscribe to a Box?

  1. Part of the appeal of subscription boxes is that consumers discover new products they might not have otherwise.
  2. Boxes provide convenience, saving the hassle and time taken to chose and source items.
  3. Cost savings are available particularly for those subscribing for longer periods. A subscription box can offer a tremendous amount of value.
  4. Individual subscription boxes offer exclusivity, access to limited edition and themed products.
  5. Many of us love the "Christmas morning" effect or element of surprise and delight. There is nothing better than getting a beautifully crafted, wrapped or printed box delivered to your door with the products you know you’ll enjoy. This un-boxing experience is often shared on social media.
  6. The community around the box creates a feeling of belonging as we love sharing common special interests with others.
  7. Many subscriptions also provide advice and education around their niche and demonstrate the best use of the products provided.
  8. They make excellent gifts for that person that is always impossible to buy for. 
  9. As many of us find we have extra time on our hands while working or learning from home, subscription boxes may just be that something to look forward to that we need.

As a small business owner I always have a new idea spinning around in my head and keeping me awake at night. I had discovered home décor subscription boxes in the US on social media. I was able to envision how curating homewares could help those that were time poor or not confident in styling items together in their home. I knew I wanted to start a subscription box and had started to put my first boxes together but just wasn't quite sure how to put it into action.

Late one night while scrolling I discovered Aussie Biz Chic, a monthly subscription box, learning hub and community for female entrepreneurs. 

Aussie Biz Chic

Michelle's box immediately interested me and I've been subscribed for a few months now, enjoying receiving her great boxes which include a book for business women and learning from her amazing speakers and learning hub.

However, best of all, she was about to run a course for those wishing to start their own subscription boxes. The answer to my dreams! Her amazing course has allowed me to launch my box The Hometastic Box seamlessly. Michelle is so generous with her time answering all our questions however silly they seem. I am now part of a community of women with some amazing subscription boxes.

What is The Hometastic Box?

Now I have outlined what subscription boxes are let me tell you about my box, The Hometastic Box.

We are all time poor, many of us just don't have time to trawl around the shops looking for perfect and quality home décor at an affordable price. We would love our home to look like the glossy magazines but just don't know what goes together or how to style it either.

This Hometastic box is a quarterly subscription box, delivered every three months containing home décor to reflect the seasons.

At the beginning of September, December, March and June a beautifully presented box will be delivered to your door. Shipping is included in the price regardless of where you live in Australia.

The Hometastic Box - Easter

Inside are four to six quality home décor products that I have carefully chosen for you. They can be styled together or in different parts of your home.

The items are chosen in neutral tones to blend in with your existing schemes along with some pops of colour to add interest without too dramatic a change.

Also included is a styling guide with helpful tips for styling your goodies to making decorating your home easy & fun. You will be invited to join our members only Facebook community to share ideas and engage with our growing community of creative home décor lovers. 

Finally there are some special surprises and treats for you. What a wonderful gift to yourself and your home! 

Considering subscribing to The Hometastic Box?
For more information visit the subscription website 

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