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Ruby’s Home Store is 4!

Celebrating our online homewares store for lovers of quirk and quality

Well then. 4 years, eh? I can’t quite tell if they’ve been the longest or shortest of my life, but what a ride so far… You might have seen across my socials recently that the (professional) love of my life turned 4 this month. I wanted to say a bit more about that because I’m truly so proud of everything Ruby’s Home Store has become, and so excited for its future. This labour of love has flourished over the past 4 years into something that not only fulfils a passion of mine, but also helps so many of you turn spaces you love into spaces you love even more! I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my favourite products from the online homewares store that has given us all so much joy. I wonder if you’ll see your own top picks on the list here…

Cornishware Mug - Coloured 12oz | $54.95

Cornishware Mugs at Ruby's Home Store

It’s easy to see how these mugs have become a staple bestseller in our little online homewares store. While I’ve never met a mug I didn’t like, these beautiful Cornishware creations have always held a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s the crisp stripes, or the cheerful colours, but I could be convinced my tea always tastes better out of one of these. Especially when I get to dunk one of my mum’s Cornish Ginger Fairings in it! Interesting fact, my obsession with Cornishware started because I brought my late mum’s collection of antique Cornishware back to Oz with me. I feel a very particular sentimental connection to these pieces.

Emma Bridgewater Rainbow Toast Biscuit Tin | $24.95

My deep love of biscuit tins truly knows no bounds. This Emma Bridgewater classic literally does what it says on the tin. So versatile and robust, these tins are as handy for storing your latest batch as they are for keeping your tax receipts in order! And so many of you seem to agree - they fly out of this online homewares store of ours faster than you can say keep calm and carry on.

In The Meadow Daffodil Mixing Bowl - 21cm - Mason Cash | $59.95

There’s something so satisfying about holding a Mason Cash mixing bowl, isn’t there?! When I’m baking, I can’t seem to help but run my hands along the intricate embossing that Mason Cash have become so well known for. Their latest release, ‘In The Meadow’ is a particular favourite of mine for its soft colours and whimsical floral design. I don’t know about you, but this online homewares store owner always feels like she might just know a thing or two about baking when she has one of these bowls in her hands…

Peter the Pelican Bowl | $65

Peter the white pelican

Have you met Pete The Pelican yet? I’ve been obsessed with pelicans since we moved to Oz and became neighbours with a pair who guard next door’s wharf. and then this guy came along and I couldn’t resist including him! This little charmer has been a smash hit in our online homewares store for obvious reasons. One of the marvellous creations of Melbourne designers, White Moose, Pete will act as the perfect home base for the stuff you forget the most before you leave the house (i.e. keys, glasses, wallet). Alternatively, you could do what I’ve done and stuff him to the gunnels with your favourite treat! (Anyone else for a Ferrero Rocher?!)

The Hometastic Box | $149.95

The Hometastic Box, home décor subscription box

And of course, my other business love - my homewares subscription box, The Hometastic Box. Over the last couple of years, this tiny seed of an idea has flourished into a thriving community of like-minded lovers of design. I’ve been able to surprise and delight subscribers all over the country with these boxes, and truth be told, I think I get about as much out of sending these boxes as each recipient does receiving them. I do get little tummy flips every time we start the packing process. If you haven’t heard about this fabulous extension of my online homewares store, maybe you should read the blog I did last month on it!

So there you have it. A selection of my most favourite things in the humble online homewares store I’ve been building for the last four years. This is absolutely a time to celebrate for all of us. I’d love to hear from you - what has been the favourite product or brand you’ve discovered by becoming a part of the Ruby’s Home Store family? You can let me know via the usual channels - over on my Instagram or Facebook, or by email @


Lots of love!!

Jane x


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